Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The National Geographic Society. National Geographic website Essay

The National Geographic Society. National Geographic website - Essay Example The beautiful animals illustrated in the website connect the viewers of the website with nature. At the top of the website there are eight primary links that allow the users to visit different parts of the website. The eight primary links are photography, animals, environmental, travel, adventure, nageotv, kids, and video. The photography section has lots of different pictures of animals, nature, landscapes, among other things. The kids section has educational games children can play. The travel section has images and information about the cultures of different parts of the world. Below the primary links at the top there are secondary links in yellow. The secondary links take the users to different segments of the website. The secondary links are daily news, the magazine, maps, science, education, games, music blogs, movies, in the field, mobile, and newsletters. The daily news segment has lots of interesting articles. I read an article that stated that being bilingual delays aging effects. In the maps section there are different interactive 3D maps of the world. The magazine link has the current issue of the National Geographic magazine for the month of March 2011. The issue can be read online free of charge.

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