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Presenting Information Essay Example for Free

Presenting Information Essay As mentioned in Section 2, my leaflets are going to include some special details to make customers interested in reading them. Here I have typed up a number of stories about mooncakes (thanks to my parents and my old relatives who told me those stories when I was younger), mentioning where they came from and how they got famous in China. Hopefully this would also make foreign customers interested in trying the companys mooncakes. Here is the story: Section 5 Presenting Information Presenting Information Designing the Logo After having decided the style for my logo, I started designing my own logo with Adobe Illustrator 10. I used the softwares different paintbrush styles to draw the background of my logo, and different text layouts for displaying the name of the company. In my logo I have added a motto into my logo: where the taste of the East comes from: Survey Also, here is the list of ratings of different Chinese food that my classmates have given me: From the table above, it seems that mooncakes are the least favourite Chinese food of my classmates. They all told me that they have never tried one before. Maybe I should consider giving up mooncakes for my company, or maybe I should take a risk to introduce these delicious cakes that are very famous in an alien country. To make this decision, I went to Chinatown in London during half-term and asked for some information. I made a questionnaire for them to fill in. This questionnaire is designed for shops that sell traditional Chinese food package gifts and Chinese recipes, but the only shop I found which sold mooncakes was a small cafi called Far East Chinese Restaurant (even though it was not quite a restaurant). There I met the cafi s owner and asked him to fill in my questionnaire, and here are his replies: His answers showed that Chinese food and festivals are very popular amongst English people, and his reply for question number 3 tells me that there is no problem with introducing mooncakes in my promotional package. Promotional Packages I am using Microsoft(r) Publisher 2000 (at school) and 2002 (on my notebook) to make my leaflet, letterhead and business card. They all consist of the companys address, phone and facsimile number, website address and e-mail address, and, of course, its logo. They all have the similar layout, such as the background and the colour theme. Note that they are all using the desert colour theme provided in Publisher. I made 5 attempts on the leaflet, as it is the most important part of my project. I made many changes on the text size, font, background, layout and borders throughout those attempts. I also gave it to my guardian for proof-reading and she spotted out some minor errors (e. g. text overflowing in textboxes). Now I have come up with my final design of my leaflet. As for my business card, I made 3 designs. They differ in the word art and border. I showed them to my friends and they all chose design number 3, which they all thought was the most colourful and most attractive one, to be my final design. I made two attempts on the letterhead and the only changes I made were the background and some decoration around the header. Section 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using IT Advantages and Disadvantages of Using IT Advantages The advantages for using I. T. are you have the ability to make any changes on your documents easily to make them look neater, such as the layout of the documents, spelling mistakes, fonts, etc, and also you can have access to the internet where it is rich of sources, e. g. images, quotes, product information, news, etc. The sources can then be easily pasted onto your documents and can also be edited to make them appropriate for your needs. When it comes to storing, your documents can be saved onto your computer instead of adding a pile of paperwork into your drawers. Disadvantages One of the big disadvantages of using I. T. is that your computer may crash while youre working and may lose your work. Also, the floppy discs that have your work in them can be easily damaged if not looked after carefully, which again can lose your work easily if you didnt backup your work. The accessibility to the network may be limited due to the time limit set by the administrator, or maybe the computer rooms are locked. The sources on the Internet are only limited to text and images instead of actual objects. Section 7 Copyright and Confidentiality Copyright and Confidentiality Copyright Copying software is a theft as they all have copyrights, which means that without the programmers permission, copying of the software is not allowed. In my project I have used software that is brought by the school and me (software on my laptop) legally, so I dont have a problem with this. This issue also applies to other sources either I. T. or non-I. T. such as images and text contents. Normally they have a ? symbol on them to show that they own a copyright for their images or text content (see picture on the left), therefore when doing this project I have to look carefully if our sources are copyrighted. Confidentiality Keeping our documents confidential can prevent them being copied or changed. This can be done by keeping the documents on a floppy disk or a compact disc and keep them with you, which will ensure that so nobody will have access to your documents. Also, you can set a password to the document so nobody can open the document without permission from you. Section 8 Error Handling and Virus Protection Error Handling and Virus Protection Virus A virus is a programme that can get into your computer data and can either destroy your files or allow someone to hack into your private data. How can we prevent them? E-mailing is the most common way to spread a virus. The hacker attaches a virus onto e-mails, disguising it as a normal document and sends them to other people, and when the people open the attached document, the virus is downloaded onto the computer and starts to interrupt the data files. To prevent this happening we have to be aware of e-mails sent from someone who you dont know, i. e. junk mail. Downloads from the Internet is also a high risk from getting viruses; therefore we must be aware with them. The school has a firewall, which prevents viruses and hackers accessing to our school networking and destroying our documents, but making a backup can prevent your documents being affected by the virus. Errors and Prevention During the course of working on my project, I encountered a storage space problem. A message box appeared when I was trying to save my work onto my personal drive on the school network. It said: There is not enough storage space in your disk. This was caused by the large graphics file in my project and they had to be deleted in order to allow me to save my work. This problem can be solved by compressing the pictures before they are pasted onto my work. Another problem that I encountered was file version compatibility. During half-term I had to use Publisher 98 on my guardians computer to work on my promotional leaflet which have been already started using Publisher 2000 on school computers, and, of course, the file had to be then saved in the format of Publisher 98 *. pub file. This degraded the layout and the quality of the pictures in the file. Later I received my own copy of Publisher 2002, and I used it to open my leaflet file, and the layouts went horribly wrong. The pictures in the leaflet, which were supposed to be wrapped round by the text in the text boxes, covered the text up instead, and no matter how many times I attempted to use different ways to put them back in place, the pictures just stayed like that (see 2nd attempt), and the only things I could do was to start a new file in the format of Publisher 2002 file. What I could have done before everything went wrong was to make a backup of the file when it was still in the format of Publisher 2000 file, and then I could have waited until my software has arrived.

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