Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A letter To My Distant Friend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A letter To My Distant Friend - Essay Example Though my mates were ready for the performance, I was still not comfortable. My instructor gave me no option and so I had to face the lion in front of me. The performance made me gain courage and also strengthened the bond that attracted me to dancing. First, dancing helps people to express their feelings about something and this is seen under the types of dances they do and the moves they make while dancing. An example I the expressionist dance that the Germans did to express their bitter feelings about the growth of Nazism that was being pioneered by Hitler. So from that example, dancing helps a society to confront the wrongs people always do. It has also enabled me to understand that people do not always dance for leisure but also to achieve their targets. This happened and I witnessed it during an international festival hosted in Kenya when one dancer made some moves that directly touched a woman he had fallen in love with and know what? The moves helped him to win the heart of the lady, a thing that left almost everybody amazed. As per the common understanding of the people, discipline is a crucial aspect of the virtues of the community and must be maintained in order to allow people to stay in harmony. I know you must be wondering how dancing which is just an art is related to discipline which is a virtue. Dancing especially the cultural dances equips dancers with good moral values since they convey some messages of warnings and consequences of some behaviors.

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