Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Operation Management Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Operation Management Case Study - Essay Example Consequently, the total number of clients that the Seven Hills Hotel had to attend to during the conference was 810 clients. Seven Hills Hotel was the hotel approached by the events planner at Global Events Company to host these delegates during the entire period of the conference. Apparently, some mishaps happened during the organization process that made the entire conference turn up as a disaster (Amason, 2011). The case study provides complications in operations management in two major organizations involved in the organization and planning of the conference. The first organization is the Global Events Company, an events planning company contracted by Glo-Tech to arrange the event, and Seven Hills Hotel, the hotel approached by the events planner to host the event. Global Events Company experienced operational problems from the moment it failed to analyze the situation at the hotel first before contracting it to be the host of such a major event. It was apparent that the conditions of the hotels were not favorable to host clients of such large numbers. In addition, the location of the hotel was inappropriate, as it was both unsecure, as well as unapproachable (Belda, 2006). These aspects would have automatically ruled out the hotel as the best choice to host such an event. On the other hand, operations problems also emerged from the lack of appropriate communication between the organization and the hotel about the nitty gritty details of the clients they were expecting. For instance, the company failed to give the hotel the exact date from which to expect the clients, the total number of clients to receive, as well as the dietary specifications of each client expected to attend the conference. This in turn made it difficult for the hotel to plan appropriately on how best to host all the delegates. In addition, the company failed to plan for the best routes to use while transporting delegates from the airport to the hotel (Dennis and Harris, 2008). It is

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