Saturday, August 10, 2019

Business report for Jaguar Land Rover Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business report for Jaguar Land Rover - Essay Example In the current study, online questionnaire survey is selected to gather the data. The study will be outlining automobile market condition and position of Jaguar Land Rover. According to researchers, automotive industry of the UK is holding the top position in terms of exporting to different countries. Major firms have invested more than  £6 billion over the last three years from 2012 to 2014 (, 2015b). Researchers have argued that automotive sales faced the challenge of financial recession effectively. High end car manufacturers are able to recover their loss and developed their income level same as the pre-recessional state. The UK based car industry is expected to increase the production level to 2 million vehicles by the year 2017. It will be the highest level of output in such industry during the last 10 years (, 2015a). Moreover, UK based automotive industry also indicates that nearly 1,509,762 cars were constructed during the year 2013. Within which 87,671 were developed for the commercial purpose. The industry also produced almost 2,553,316 engines during the period (, 2015b). The industry recorded with a revenue generation of  £59.3 billion during the year 2013-2014. The industry is having different car manufacturers like the Bentley, Infiniti, London Taxi Company, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover (SMMT, 2015). These firms are producing different types of cars and spare parts for the local and international demands. The industry or the firms can be justified based on some segments like manufacturing, supply chain, economy, business environment and environmental credentials (SMMT, 2015). The UK automobile industry outlines that there are nearly seven mainstream car companies, seven commercial automobile producers and nine bus and coach manufacturers (, 2015a). In addition, it is also observed that premium and sports cars are gaining interest among the UK based automotive market and there are almost eight

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