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History of Education and Field Study Essay Example for Free

History of Education and Field Study Essay We all know that each of the teachers has their own methods and strategies in delivering their lesson. I observed the class of Teacher Teejie Taruc. She is a MAPEH major teaching at Camba National High School. She uses a combination of methods in her class includes the Socratic Method, inductive method, class discussion, lecturing and recitation. She has her own techniques on how she presents her lesson. Teacher Teejie has a great sense of humour thats why she can easily get the attention of her students. By  using those methods, she can manage her students and also the learning process. Field Study 2: Experiencing the Teaching and Learning Process 7 Analysis Explain the methods that the teacher used. Methods| Advantages| Disadvantages| 1. Socratic Method – it is the question and answer part in the lesson presentation. | * Learners can share their own ideas. * Teacher and the learners may absorb knowledge by listening to other ideas. | * Some of the learners may not cooperate. | 2. Inductive Method – a method which presenting the lesson by specific to more general. | * Learners may familiarize the topic * Easily cope up with the topic. * They can improve their critical thinking skills. | * Learning is difficult to gauge. * Some may hardly understand the topic. | 3. Lecture Method – is a teaching procedure for explaining and clarifying a major idea. It makes use of may be a narration or a description. | * Presents factual material in direct, logical manner. * It contains experience which inspires. * Stimulates thinking to open discussion. * Useful for large groups of learner. * It serve as a guide through a great mass of information characteristics of subject areas. | * Some of the learners may not participate. * Time will limit the discussion. * Learning is difficult to gauge. | 4. Class Discussion – a method on presenting a lesson where there is a question involve that may answer by the learners. | * Pools ideas and experiences from other learners. * Effective after a presentation, film or experience that needs to be analyzed. * Allows everyone to participate in an active process. | * Few learners can dominate. * Others may not participate. * It is time consuming. * Can get off the track. | 5. Recitation – an act of enumerating and answering the question of the teacher. | * Learners can boost their confidence by doing recitation. * Both teacher and learners may absorb knowledge from each other. | * Some students may not participate. * Some wont get a fair answering. | Field Study 2: Experiencing the Teaching and Learning Process8 Reflection What methods am I going to use? As a would-be educator, I already have ideas of what method am I going use in the near future. I encountered a lot of teachers and I can say that they have their own techniques, strategies and methods in teaching. Each of them is different from anyone and I can say that they are all good teachers. I always taught to myself that someday I am going to be like them and much better than them. In order to have a good learning process in the class, I must have a harmonious relationship with my learners. It is very important for me as a teacher to have a harmonious relationship with my learners so that I can easily impart knowledge to them. I am planning to use a combination of methods includes class discussion, brain storming, lecturing, Socratic, inductive, deductive, recitation, power point and video clip presentation and worksheets. These methods are only guide for us. The effectiveness of these methods is always depending on us, on how we apply it and on how we deliver it. Some of the methods I’m planning to use are generally used by most teachers thats why I included video clip and power point presentation in order to follow on the new trends of teaching. We all know that these things are very popular today. Power point presentation is software of Microsoft where we can write up the lessons that we want to teach on our students. Video clip presentation is an entertaining way of teaching content and raising issues that keep groups attention. When we use these two new trends of teaching, learning process may be more successful than the traditional one. Its so hard to get the attention of the students. We must be a good motivator for us to motivate them. Being a teacher is not easy like they always said but I do believe that it depends on you. As long as you know that you can do it, it will be easy. Just love your profession and the profession will also loves you. Make your passion your profession! Field Study 2: Experiencing the Teaching and Learning Process9 Documentation†¦ FieField Study 2: Experiencing the Teaching and Learning Process10 Differences Among Approach, Methods, Strategies, and Techniques Many people are having difficulties on distinguishing the differences between approach, methods, strategies, and techniques thats why in this activity; I am going to define the differences between those words. Approach| Method or Strategy| Technique|. * An enlighten viewpoint of teaching. * Provides sounds philosophy and orientation to the whole process of teaching in which the selection of an instructional method is part and parcel of. | * It refers to an organized, orderly, systematic, well-planned procedure. * It consist of steps which are logically arranged aimed at achieving the specific aims of instruction at enhancing greater teaching and maximizing learning output. * Method directs and guides the teacher in all class activities and involves as well, the organization of materials to get things done. * Strategy in the beginning is a monopoly of other disciplines like military, science, politics, economics, and even psychology. | * It is implementational and that which actually takes place in a classroom. * It is a particular trick, or contrivance, used to accomplish an immediate objective. * It is consistent with a method and approach as well. * It depends on the teacher, his individual artistry, and on the composition of the class. * It is defined as a procedural variation of a given method. | Field Study 2: Experiencing the Teaching and Learning Process6.

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