Monday, August 12, 2019

Identity Theft Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Identity Theft - Research Paper Example Identity theft can be of several types and in order to know what steps to take about it, the victim must first know what type of identity theft has been committed. Financial Identity Theft: This is the most common type of identity theft which takes place. Whenever an identity theft takes place, the first reason which comes to mind is due to financial reasons. Money is the main resource after which everyone is running nowadays. Through this type of identity theft, the thief gains the financial benefit in the name of the victim. The thief may get access to the victim’s credit cards, loans, bank details, or other financial details and use them for his personal economic benefit. Medical Identity Theft: Medical identity theft is one of the most dangerous forms of identity theft as recorded by the WHO that it’s the type of crime which can kill. This type of identity theft is the hardest to recover. The definition of medical identity theft mentioned by researcher Pam Dixon in her report was that this theft occurs when the thief takes advantage of medical care through the name or identity of the victim. There is a risk of financial harm in this type of theft as well just like all other types but in addition, there are risks of the thief's medical history to be added to the permanent medical records of the victim. Inaccurate information is difficult to correct from these medical records and may be dangerous in future when the doctors rely on the wrong information to deliver the victim appropriate medical care.

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