Friday, October 18, 2019

Societal Influences on Nursing as a Profession Research Paper

Societal Influences on Nursing as a Profession - Research Paper Example This essay highlights that  wars have been noted to as major contributor to development of the nursing profession, since more services were required to cater for the casualties. Just like in the times of Florence Nightingale, there has been a public outcry for inadequate care for soldiers in war-stricken areas. The makeshift hospitals that have been established to offer services in the affected population have been effective since sanitary services fundamental in caring for the sick are provided by nurses. Moreover, nursing practices have helped in reduction of immorality cases in military barracks because they offer guiding and counseling services apart from medical services. This is mostly evidenced by reduction in cases of sexually transmitted diseases.According to the study findings  Ccivil wars in countries like United States shaped the public perception of professional nursing since it formed its foundation (Jamieson, 1959). Many women became involved in health-care service s by providing sanitary services in military camps. The value of education in health-care provision for the sick was realized through the voluntary services women offered during civil wars. It is proposed that these women pioneered the construction of the first training schools in nursing after the completion of the war. As a result, the president of American Medical Association, Samuel Gross, endorsed nursing schools in 1868.  Throughout the 19th century, the number of community and hospitals continued to expand rapidly. Conflicts emerged because of religious resurgence during this time, especially among Anglican convent. The surgeons and physicians opposed to the roles of the nurses who claimed they were more concerned in spiritual demands of their patients rather than physical needs. Some religious orders were created for lay people who wanted a chance to share in charitable work. The female nurses were called sisters while male ones were regarded as brothers, even though they belonged to a religious group. Nursing has been dominated by religious values such as devotion to duty, spiritual calling, hard work, and self-denial. It is purported that commitment to these values resulted in exploitation rather than professionalism and the monetary rewards. This was affirmed by

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