Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Applied Immunology Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Applied Immunology Question - Essay Example They have also shown a decrease in general mortality and recurrence rate, both as a single agent and in synergy with conservative combination chemotherapy, witnessing high response rates of upto 30% (White 2007). Progresses in biotechnology: advances have been made in laboratory antibody engineering. Such have improved antigen binding and the capability to stimulate ordinary effectors mechanisms. Development of fresh and enhanced targeted antibodies is costly as evidenced in the price of antibody therapy. Some health economies may find this unaffordable. Uncertainty in establishing the best clinical use of MoAbs: The optimal clinical timing, setting, and dose programs for the application of presently available antibodies remain uncertain. Forthcoming studies observing kinetics and pharmacodynamics may better enlighten therapeutic use in the future. The use of MoAbs as first-line therapy requires additional trials. Developing combination strategies: many challenges are still faced in developing rational combination regimens which exploit the lacking cross-resistance and overlapping toxicities of various agents. MoABs might also be mixed with targeted diminutive molecules like proteosome

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