Saturday, October 19, 2019

Although the dangers of smoking have long been recognized, people Essay

Although the dangers of smoking have long been recognized, people continue to smoke. Why has the battle against smoking not been - Essay Example On 29 September 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that British Columbia could sue tobacco companies to recover health care costs for ill-nesses caused by smoking. In opposition to this rule, Rondi Adamson in his article Do We Really Want Private Decisions Regulated?, states," But just how much do you want your private decisions regulated by others, snitched-on by your neighbors or used by your government so they can make some money?". The point being that, people deserve to take control of their own life and be responsible for their own decisions, whether harmful or beneficial. He rightly argues that if this view is to be taken into account for making decisions, then even companies manufacturing a product as commonplace as potato chips should be sued, as even they are dangerous to health. This analysis makes the order of the Supreme Court sound rather dubious. Moreover, our government clearly exhibits double standards when it comes to eliminating tobacco products. It is a well- known affair that the government earns a hefty amount on an annual basis in the form of taxes which it imposes on the tobacco companies.

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