Thursday, October 3, 2019

International Committee Essay Example for Free

International Committee Essay Normative ethics as a philosophical discipline tries to determine the degree of right or wrong in an individual’s actions. The level of right or wrong depends on a broad set of rules or norms agreed upon by the larger society. Therefore various people or institutions are obligated to act in a certain way and a breach of the same leads to consequences as may be prescribed by the same society and failure to which leads to a public outcry. Take for instance the United States army, the most powerful, well equipped and best funded military in the globe. The Army has been used to protect the nation from external attack and in previous wars like the world war two; it had to assist the rest of Europe against the Hitler aggression. The army is well trained with strong emphasis on the need to refrain from abusing the rights of war prisoners or the very people it has been commissioned to protect. However in some recent wars some military personnel have been caught by a diligent media subjecting captured enemies to inhuman treatment that have shocked the American people (International committee, 2005). However stern disciplinary measures have been undertaken by the military to punish those involved in a bid to deter future abuses. It would be expected that the US army with its military might and radical decisions for intervention would vet its recruits well to ensure that those employed do not cause intentional harm to civilians. The Battalion based in Iraq has revealed a great mistake in the selection of recruits whereby immoral decisions were made to include soldiers who had criminal records ranging from drug possession, violence and theft. One soldier in particular had an intensive criminal record and in March this year subjected an Iraq woman to inhuman rape. Further more these decisions to include soldiers who are morally unfit to serve has damaged greatly the image of the soldiers serving in Iraq and has shown a lack of integrity in the leadership of the U S army(Morgan,2008). Works Cited International Committee of the Fourth International â€Å"World socialist: US military atrocities and the moral choice facing the American people† 1998 as retrieved from http://www. wsws. org/articles/2005/may2005/nyt-m24. shtml on 9th December 2008 Robin Morgan â€Å"The Women Media Center: Manhood and Moral Waivers†2008 as retrieved from http://www. womensmediacenter. com/ex/081706. html on 10th December 2008

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