Monday, October 7, 2019

Managing Workplace Diversity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Managing Workplace Diversity - Assignment Example However, in the course of this unit, I have discovered that every state in the United States have The Second Injury Fund that assumes the responsibility of compensating the disabled in an instance they sustain an injury and become totally disabled. The affirmative actions were created to supplement what law could not do in ensuring equality among people of different cultures, gender and ethnicity. There are policies and laws that are in place to ensure that discrimination is addressed, but their effectiveness remains equivocal. Affirmative actions will remedy these inequalities, but presenting the long-time disadvantaged minority groups with equitable opportunities that ultimately addresses inequalities. Although the affirmative action will present added advantage to the minority groups, I learned in class that they, too, should meet qualifications. Affirmative action does not translate to undue advantage over others. It simply means providing more opportunities to the underserved group of individuals. Another misconception I had is that affirmative action is only concerned with providing people of the color with more opportunities. However, Caucasian women can attest to the more open doors available to them following affirmative actions. It is evident that we mostly practice the religion passed down to us, and with time, we believe that our religion is the right one. This belief may lead to creating an environment that disregards co-workers’ religion. When handling religious diversity, I have learned from the class work that the best way to go about it is to have an open mind. It is impossible to understand all religions and their beliefs and practices, but keeping an open mind will facilitate accommodation of people with religious beliefs that differ from mine. Work diversity is often viewed in terms of cultural diversities among the workers. Often, religious contributions towards the same are neglected.

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