Friday, October 18, 2019

Enhancing quality and safety clinical practice in wards Thesis

Enhancing quality and safety clinical practice in wards - Thesis Example The expertise as well as experience of the nurse is also essential in dealing with the difficult situation and cases demanding critical care and preclusion of accidents. The safety of the patient is of utmost significance and therefore it becomes essential for the hospital management not to suffer with the downturn of experience and efficient nursing staff. Health care is the key to high-quality life, beneath the health care facilities safety of the patient dwells. Health care results portray the kind of care that has been provided and the extent of professional understanding for the quality care. According to Institute of Medicine (IOM), "patient safety is indistinguishable from the delivery of quality health care" (Aspden, 2004). Further, the level of health services in a given condition is directly proportional to the health outcomes. Harteloh (2003), revealed that "Quality [is] an optimal balance between possibilities realized and a framework of norms and values." The positive outcomes of quality health care encompass attainment of apposite personal care, manifestation or expression of health-supporting approach, health-associated eminence of living, judgment of the individual being appropriately cared for along with managing symptoms properly (Mitchell, 2004). In the present scenario, conceptual components of quality are given privilege as compared to other deliberate markers indicating that a profound safety in quality care, success of the care, patient focused approach, well-timed, proficient, unbiased and reasonable predisposition. Safety in health care is the underpinning parameter that leads to the assembly of all other aspect of quality care (Committee on the Quality of Health Care in America). Quality care is the most essential component of the health care. Quality care encompass the patient safety which is the most imperative of all the components of the health care facility. Considering the

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