Saturday, September 21, 2019

Your work role Essay Example for Free

Your work role Essay Bi Firstly my employer expects me to attend all training, supervisions and meetings, and also to follow the policies and procedures that the home has set up. Some standard procedures set in place include ‘whistle blowing’. Staff with serious concerns about any aspect of the organisation or the work force will be supported in sharing those concerns and will be protected from reprisal or victimisation. The incident should be discussed in the first incidence with the manager or if this is not reasonably possible it should be discussed with John’s parents. This complaint should be recorded in writing and signed as a true record by both parties. ‘Gross Misconduct’, conduct or such a nature that fundamentally breaches the employees contract which justifies dismissal without warning or notice. Zero tolerance to drugs or alcohol at the workplace or for anybody who is already intoxicated at the workplace. Also no smoking inside the workplace. Pay rates set up at different rates for different times ie higher pay at weekends and nights. Time and a half for bank holidays. Health and safety procedures refer to the ‘health and safety at work act 1974’ which is up in the staff bedroom. Reporting lateness- always phone to give reasons why and estimate time of arrival. Sickness, no sick pay as such and 8 or more days requires a sick note from the doctor. see more:explain expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards. Bii The information that must be shown on my payslip is ‘gross pay’ and ‘take-home’ after deductions. Deductions are tax and national insurance. My tax code and national insurance number should also be shown on my payslip. Biii Change of address Change of name Biv If I wanted to raise a grievance at work I would go to my team leader first. If I felt that I needed to take the issue further, I would then go to the parents of the person I support. If the matter needed to be taken further I would go to the social worker of my client. Bv 1. Data protection: Never give the name, address, email address or phone number away unnecessarily of the person I support. 2. Grievance: Take any issues to my team leader or the clients parents for discussion. 3. Conflict management: We would manage any conflict by coming together as a team and discussing the matter further to voice our opinions so we can move on from the matter professionally. 4. Anti-discriminatory practice: As a team we believe in peoples right to respect I relation to their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, health, religious beliefs and sexuality. 5. Health and Safety: At my workplace we follow strict rules and regulations which cover, general duty of care, safety policy, tackling risks at source, training and supervision, work equipment, emergency arrangements, manual handling. 6. Confidentiality: Maintaining trust and respect is always a priority in my workplace though we will share confidential information when it is needed for the safety of my client. 7. Whistleblowing: If I needed to report an issue or a concern that I couldn’t go to my manager about I would go to M-A-S-H multi agency safeguarding hub where they can deal with my enquiry. Bvi I have a very important role at my workplace. I contribute to my clients general health and well being as I understand the importance of how he sits in his wheelchair, how to prevent pressure sores, medications given and all the little things that contribute to his physical health. I also contribute to his mental well being by giving him the independence he needs by letting him make choices about his own life. Bvii By following best practice in my work role ensures my client is  getting the best service and care he could get. By not following the correct requirements could lead to health problems, neglect or issues could arise within the team. Bviii My work must be influenced by national factors as rules and regulations are put in place for a reason and if I didn’t follow them, problems will arise in my way of working which will indeed have a big effect on my clients life. Bix Social Workers Social workers work with people to support them through difficult times and ensure that vulnerable people, including children and adults are safeguarded from harm. Their role is to provide support to enable service users to help themselves. They maintain professional relationships with service users, acting as guides and advocates. Care quality commission Their job is to check whether hospitals, care homes, GPs, dentists and services homes are meeting national standards. They do this by inspecting services and publishing their findings, helping people to make choices about the care they receive.

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