Saturday, September 28, 2019

Motivation Towards Becoming a Physician Assistant Personal Statement

Motivation Towards Becoming a Physician Assistant - Personal Statement Example On other occasions, I attend a postpartum mother in disseminated intravascular coagulation, a heart surgery that has gone bad, or a severe gastrointestinal bleeder. I handled different cases like these every day and it has not only taught me how to manage a situation in a stressful environment but also the importance of working together in a medical team. However, as soon as the physician ceases issuing orders, the interaction I had with a patient stops. Every patient then becomes just another sample and a name. Despite the satisfaction I derive from being a part of a recovery team, my role leaves me with questions about the patient's conditions and recovery, to which I receive no answers. This imbibed a feeling within me that I should do something more than just the mechanical duties. I wanted also to experience the humanitarian part of actually caring for a patient. Even though labs play a crucial role in diagnosis, I still feel that I am not contributing much towards the caring aspect in the performance of my duties as a health worker. Therefore, I started volunteering in the emergency and neonate intensive care unit where I worked.

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