Monday, September 2, 2019

Vocation and Spiderman :: essays research papers

VOCATION Vocation in my own words is the path God has chosen for you too follow; it is what one is destined to be. There are many different types of vocation. Some people are destined to lead a life of dedication to God, others to be parents and some to be single have regular jobs. Vocation is not something that you are born knowing you have to look within yourself to find what God has created you to be. Finding your vocation is not an easy thing that why a lot of people end up in divorce, hating there job or depressed. Throughout Spiderman 2, Peter struggles with his identity, and even takes a "leave of absence" from his "vocation" to sort out his true desires. When the people he loves, especially Mary Jane, are suddenly in grave, mortal peril, he remembers his true self and saves them all, remarking that "Sometimes you have to give up what you really want in order to do what is really right." The villain manages to send an entire elevated trainload of people hurtling out of control to their death, and it's up to Spiderman to save them. He doesn't have the strength of Superman to stop out of control trains or airplanes, so he uses the gifts at his disposal. He stands on the front of the out of control train, stretches out his arms in both directions, and fires off web after web after web at passing skyscrapers. He grabs all the webs tightly in both hands. His arms are pulled back against the train, and his entire body is nailed there against the train, against the people he needs to save. His arms stretched out in a heroic act, Peter Parker becomes Christ on the cross. Peter Parker is confused, he doesn’t know weather his vocation is to be with the Mary Jane or to be Spiderman.

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