Saturday, September 7, 2019

Examine the importance of avoiding plagiarism Essay

Examine the importance of avoiding plagiarism - Essay Example There are many universities that have proper academic guidelines regarding rules of properly citing the sources taken from various journals, books, or websites. Higher educational studies are a very critical stage for the students and this phase is the starting point for building the career for individuals. They need to pass this phase with good grades for attaining future achievements. Due to being in such a critical stage of studies, there are many cases of plagiarism detected amongst students of higher educational studies. This paper discusses the importance of avoiding plagiarism by all individuals in the academic learning environment. The world we are residing in is the information age where the amount of information available for the general community is there in abundance and also is free of charge. It is extremely easy to plagiarise the work of others due to easy availability and accessibility of the work. There are many research papers available online for users and students who want to copy the work do it from these online sources and other research databases as well. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to avoid plagiarising the work of what other authors have done. By plagiarising, the individual is violating the legal laws of the research work or paper and also the individual is considered to be involved in unethical practices. It is highly unethical act to regard someone else’s work as one’s own. By not acknowledging the person via the right reference techniques, the individual is taking the credit of the work. Some students take the aspect of acknowledging sources is to copy paste the work of the author and then write the name of the author in brackets. This again is not the right of acknowledging anyone’s work and would be regarded as plagiarised work. There have been many research studies conducted that

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