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Tourism Concepts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Tourism Concepts - Research Paper Example San Diego County is a county located in the southwestern corner of the State of California (San Diego, 2010). It is the most newest and dynamic metropolitan areas in the country America. San Diego has an attraction that can draw people’s attention towards it. The sights and sounds of the city center is the objective of the attraction. With the inland mountains and one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world, San Diego is a result of years of development and vitalization (Trains Magazine, 2009). The report will be discussing the places of attraction situated at San Diego, the facilities of food, accommodation, and transportation. It will also be presenting the culture, hospitality of people, and the infrastructure of the county. This report will mainly be targeting the tourists and tourism planners. San Diego is considered as one of the most developed and pleasant counties of America. There are many attractive and major sites of interest for the tourists and the tourism planners. Alta Vista Garden is a garden that is established with the theme of bringing together people, nature, and art. The garden is situated on over 14 acres and the admission is free for the public (Kragen, 2009). The garden is a cultural botanical park and provides an interactive method to teach botany and other subjects to the students. The water paths are constructed in such a way that the water falls into natural pools and gives a natural waterfall-look. The other places of interest include Lego land, which is a theme park. It is the only Lego land situated outside of Europe. Lego land has nine main sections, each constructed on a separate theme (Kragen, 2009). Mission Bay is a recreational area includes sea world, and Fiesta Island etc. Mission Bay has sandy beaches spread over miles with a long pedestr ian path. It is the largest man made Aquatic Park in America (National Park Services, 2009). Sea world is famous for

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